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Based in Kiefersfelden, Germany, we offer reliable and secure warehousing services for your goods. With our state of the art facility and comprehensive inventory management system, your goods will always be stored safely and securely, while having fast and easy access to the most traveled highways in Europe.

If you need a reliable, secure storage solution in the middle of Europe, then look no further!


Strategic location

Do you need a fast and reliable warehouse for your goods?

With our end-to-end logistics services, we can provide you with the best solution. Our large, heated warehouse located in the middle of Europe with close proximity to the most traveled highways, allows us to offer you quick delivery, competitive prices and professional service.

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Ideal storage facility


Our company offers comprehensive warehousing services in the heart of Europe. Our large, heated warehouse is equipped with advanced digital systems and our staff are highly experienced professionals with a fast turnaround.

We guarantee secure, efficient and cost-effective storage, handling and distribution of all your goods. With our warehouse, you can be sure that your goods are in safe, reliable hands and that your freight will be handled quickly and efficiently.

Fast turnaround


Before being stored in the high-bay warehouse, the incoming shipments are closely checked. In addition to quantity control, we also perform quality control of the outer packaging unit for our customers. The storage locations and information are then recorded electronically – the basis for FIFO and FEFO and other handling operations.

Items are removed from storage according to the criteria specified by the customer (FIFO, FEFO, or criteria defined by the customer). Specialisation in pallet movements, order-related order picking, and neutralisation enables high quality, efficient handling and secure transport packaging.

In order to keep the dust contamination of the stored goods as low as possible, our heated warehouse is regularly cleaned.

Ideal Logistics Partner

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