About Us

The satisfaction of our customers, hauliers and employees is the main goal of our logistics company.

With more than 25 years experience in logistics, we have chosen to locate our company in Kiefersfelden, on one of the main transport routes through Europe, from where we can ship your goods all over the contintent.

Our carrier services ensure that your merchendise is delivered fast and securely in all major countries in Europe: Italy, Germany, France, Hoolland, Belgium and more.

By maximizing employee responsibility and using their commitment and expertise we ensure that the individual requirements of our business partners, who are at the heart of our operation, are always met.


With a partner network of more than 100 trucks in total, with different types of trucks, from the standard curtain truck, up to frigo and mega trucks, we are able to deliver any type of goods fast and securely.

Our expanding business is now also focusing on freight forwarding services, and we are able to do shipping forwarding to all important warehousing hubs in Europe, including Amazon.

By working with us, our promise to you is that you will experience German freight forwarding services at its best.


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