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International Transport Management


Have you ever thought about interning at a logistics company?

It's a great way to get real-world experience and build a foundation for your future career. You'll learn new skills, build connections, and get to know the logistics industry. Plus, you'll get to work with experts who can help you grow and develop.

All in all, interning at a logistics company is a great way to gain knowledge and experience that will help you take the next step in your professional journey.

So don't miss out - check out what's available now and get ready to jumpstart your career!

We are offering:


  • Training program: Start your career with exclusive training programs that will help you become a master of your field
  • Job security: Your job is secure and your future is therefore easier to plan
  • Monthly bonus: Performance is always rewarded through our bonus system
  • 14 salaries: So that you can use 2 of them for the holiday
  • Extra free days: So that you can rest and come back stronger

What your tasks will be:


  1. Organizing, controlling and monitoring international transports
  2. Relationship management: responsible for the selection of transport partners, as well as their support and further development
  3. Negotiating: calculating transport prices, negotiating with transport partners and closing deals
  4. Strategizing: optimizing your business area to constantly increase the effectiveness of your shipments and the satisfaction of our partners
Other benefits / perspectives:
  • A friendly team, consisting of fun people, just like you!
  • Exquisite parties for special moments
  • Team-building trips and a lot more

Why logistics?


With a high level of job security, flexible work options and a growing industry, logistics is the perfect career choice for you.

With a variety of roles to explore, such as management and customer service, and good starting salaries, you can start building a lucrative career right away.

Plus, you can gain valuable hands-on industry experience and take advantage of numerous opportunities for advancement. So don't wait any longer - start your career in logistics today!


Key facts about our team



Cultural diversity is highly important to us, that's why our team consists of more than 15 nationalities.



Most people in our team are polyglots and many of them speak on average 4 languages.



Training young people in the logistics branche is one of our top priorities, therefore we have at least 6 apprentices in our company.

What we offer



After an intense training of just 6 months, many new employees are able to become professional transport managers.




5 extra holiday days so you have time to relax and come back stronger.


Performance based bonuses every month after your training period.



Send us your CV right now and if you are a match, we’ll respond with an interview booking in less than 24h.

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