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Our successful and expanding logistics company is looking for new, highly motivated talents. 

 In a world that is constantly changing and growing, we place special emphasis on innovation, efficiency, and outstanding service quality. Our mission is not just to transport goods from A to B. We go above and beyond the exceed our customer's expectations and push the boundaries of what is possible. 

 At TST Logistik GmbH, you are more than just a part of our team - you are an essential component of our ongoing success. We offer you the opportunity to fast-track your career by investing in your development, nurturing your talents, and encouraging you to push boundaries. Are you ready to reach new hieghts with us? Join us and embark on this yourney together!


  • Jobs with Opportunities
    Your workplace at TST Logistik GmbH is secure, and your future is predictabel.

  • Comprehensive Training Program
    Begin your career with exclusive training programs that will turn you into true logistics professionals in no time.

  • Bonus system
    Outstanding performance is rewarded with attractive bonuses!
  • 14 salaries
    The provision of 14 salaries per year is an additional compensation measure that can be highly attractive to employees. Compared to the traditional system, where employees typically receive 12 salaries per year, the 14-salary system offers extra financial security and flexibility.

  • 25 vacation days per year
    For a relaxing time, after which you can return refreshed.

  • Electric car for long-term employees
    By providing electric cars for long-term employees, we not only demonstrate our appreciation for their work but also send a postives signal for environmental awareness and innovation in your company.

WORKING at TST Logistics

The workplace is more than just a space for completing tasks. That's why we've designed our office to feel like a second home – we even internally refer to it as our "second living room". We prioritize creating an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and inspired.

Good lighting in our premises ensures a pleasant work environment, boosting productivity and supporting well-being. We also place utmost importance on the quality of the air we breathe. That's why we've invested in an advanced ventilation system with heat recovery and air humidification, ensuring a constant supply of fresh air and maintaining a healthy and pleasant climate.

At TST Logistics, we believe in an environment that is not only functional but also inviting – a place where you enjoy spending time and achieving great things together with the team.

The Team at TST Logistics

At TST Logistics, our team is the heart of our success. Comprising dedicated professionals from diverse backgrounds, we come together with a shared commitment to excellence and innovation.



With employees from 15 different nationalities, we bring a broad spectrum of cultures, perspectives, and experiences into our company. This cultural diversity fosters an open and inclusive work atmosphere that stimulates innovation and creativity. It is this diversity that allows us to operate on a global scale and meet the needs of our international customers.



Our team collectively speaks a total of 23 languages, greatly enriching communication and interaction within our company as well as with our international partners and customers. This linguistic competence is a valuable foundation for effectively operating in a globalized market and is a key factor in our success and competitiveness.



At TST Logistics, the promotion and education of young talents in the logistics industry play a pivotal role. With up to 10 apprentices in our team, we firmly acknowledge our responsibility to train and support the next generation of professionals. Our status as an excellent training facility confirms our commitment to fostering young talent in the logistics sector.

Our Team-Spirit

We highly values ensuring that every team member feels comfortable and can thrive. Our team comprises lively and positive individuals who are more than just colleagues.

We frequently treat ourselves to special moments by celebrating exquisite parties in the company premises, and regularly organise theam-buildung trips and events that strengthen our sence of unity and create unforgettable experiences.

Working at TST Logistics means being part of a community where each individual is calues and contributes to our shared succes story.


Steer your career into the fast lane!

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Send us your resume, and if you're a good fit, we'll schedule an interview with you.

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