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Because of our expanding business, we are looking for new partners and we’d like to have YOU as one.

What are the advantages of working with us?



We do the hard work and make sure that 1 truck makes at least 10.500 km in a month, so that you have a secure income every month.

Work flexibility

We plan and manage the transports so that you can focus on other aspects of expanding your business.

Better cash flow

All payments are made with the precision of a Swiss watch, exactly on the day you are expecting them.

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What are we looking for


We specialize in road transport by curtain-sided trailers in full truck loads, therefore we need partners who have large trucks that can load up to 24 tones, active transport license and can drive around Europe.



Where do we drive


Our customers are located all over Europe but our main routes are:

  1. Germany <-> Italy
  2. Germany <-> Benelux
  3. Germany <-> France
  4. Germany <-> Portugal 
  5. Germany <-> Eastern Europe

Happy hauliers


The satisfaction of our business partners is highly important for us, that's why we have tens of satisfied hauliers that can confirm the level of professionalism and service that we can offer.


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